Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo The Cart Boy

Weber Grills- Have Fun With It TV Commercial (30 sec spot)-Version #1

Weber Grills- Have Fun With It TV Commercial (30 sec spot)-Version #2

Monday, April 26, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo The Cart Boy

Everyone knows beach drama has been around ever since the first beach was invented, right? Well noting is more unpleasant then seeing it first hand, or worse yet being the main recipient of it!

So what’s a person to do? Get yelled at and have sand kicked in your face? NO WAY!

One possible solution would be to hire a massive mussel packed body guard, resembling a QUENCH Spotter per say. But body guards can be expensive and may not always be around when the drama unfolds. And they just may be a little too preoccupied at any given moment to come to your rescue, if ya know what I mean (see exhibit A).
Exibit A: See? Too preoccupied to protect anyone!

So one day I was thumbing through some old comic books and I came across this add…
And I’m thinking to myself, (light bulb over head goes on) here’s the solution EVERYONE can benefit from. The age old proven brilliance of Charle’s Atlas’s "Dynamic-Tension" program!

That’s right folks, the best defense is a great offence! A little something to prepare yourself with for the day when YOU will need to stick up for YOURSELF.

So I sent away for a program myself and in a few short weeks I got freekin’ busting out of my skin ripped and transformed myself from wimp, to pimp! Just look at the before and after results, see for yourself…
Before Charle’s Atlas’s "Dynamic-Tension" program:
Don’t I look pathetic?

After Charle’s Atlas’s "Dynamic-Tension" program:
See what I’m talking about? Just look at that physique!

So if you’re tired of being a scrawny pencil necked weakling and want to be the “King of the Beach” then don’t delay. Take a lesson from Mac like I did, and get the Charle’s Atlas’s "Dynamic-Tension" program today! And remember beach drama should never be tolerated!


Jimbo The Cart Boy
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Friday, April 2, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo The Cart Boy

Who doesn’t love SEX WAX? You can never have too much SEX WAX now can we? I’m feeling lucky, I’m defiantly going to get some SEX WAX tonight! You know you want some SEX WAX don’t you baby, “no” means “yes” right? And why is it that dudes think of SEX WAX every 7 seconds???
SEX WAX is a popular brand of surfboard wax that is rubbed on your stick (surfboard) to help keep your feet from slipping off your board when you’re shredding waves. Home brewed in the early 70’s in a rented garage in California, Frederick Charles Herzog, III (AKA Mr Zog) and chemist buddy Nate Skinner developed a popular and controversial brand of surf wax that swept the beaches. With T-shirts, bumper stickers, and a cult following, SEX WAX has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands of surf wax in the world of surfing today.
Did you know? SEX WAX has formulas for drum sticks, hockey sticks, skateboards, snowboards, and is even used by some people as decorative candles and also chewing gum!
OK all you SEXY WAXY surfers out there, let’s here about some of your SEX WAX stories!!!


Jimbo The Cart Boy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo the Cart Boy

I'd have to say my "favorite" SurfWatch moment was my "first" SurfWatch moment. It happened on March 28, 2008 at 09:09:45 SLT at Majini Beach…

I was about 5 months into SL, and pretty much done with it all together. I figured I'd have one final run with my jet ski on a beach sim then uninstall SL all together. So, I'm racing around like a reckless noob and wound up colliding with a dude who was surfing. I was amazed because I didn’t even know surfing existed in SL. After a quick apology, I did a search on "surfing" and randomly clicked on one of the TP links and was magically whisked away to Majini Beach.

When I arrived, there were 3 guys sitting in recliner chairs, watching the waves roll in, and talking about surf boards: Carver Nightly, VW Sands, and Barchan Paderborn. I chit chatted a little bit, called them dudes a lot and tried to talk like Jeff Spicoli.

"All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine."

During that conversation Barchan gave me a group invitation, a link to the SurfWatch Blog site, and a SurfWatch T-shirt. That’s was defiantly my most memorable Surf Watch moment. From there I built the friendships I still have 2 years later, I learned to surf and have fun with some of the best people in 2L, and became a daily reader of SurfWatch and watched it grow into the wonderful melting pot of SL surfing spirit that it is today.

Yep…I still have that old SurfWatch T-shirt Barchan gave me, and I treasure it dearly. Where would I be if that moment never happened? Hate to wonder, just so thankful it did!

Jimbo The Cart Boy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo The Cart Boy

Growing up as a kid I used to race home after school to watch the old episodes of Batman, and one of my all time favorite episodes was “Surf's Up! Joker's Under!” Leave it to The Joker to hatch a diabolical plan to rule the surf beach and all the surfers, then Gotham City, then the World,


To get the plan in motion, Joker and hot surfer babe Undine kidnap local champ Skip Parker and use a devise called the Surfing Experience & Ability Transferometer & Vigor Reverser to suck all the surf knowledge and ability out of Skip’s head. Soon, Batman and Robin show up at Joker’s hide out and are quickly immobilized with sea urchin spines and then turned into human surfboards by Joker’s goons.

In this first clip Batman catches up later with The Joker at the beach and challenges him to a surf contest to thwart The Jokers scheme. You gotta love the baggies over the costumes and WATCH OUT FOR SHARKS BATMAN!

Kowabunga! Joker wins, even after Dick Grayson’s failed attempt to corrupt the judges! In this next clip, it’s time for Batman, Robin and Bat Girl to give Joker the @$$ beating he deserves for cheating at the surf contest!

Batman wins! And a dejected Clown Price of Crime is hauled off to jail. Gotham City Beach is safe once again!

Did you know??? The Batman series was on such a skimpy production budget that it used clips from the movie The Endless Summer in the opening scene.

Look at the related videos in YouTube to see the "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" episode in its entirety, it’s hilarious and worth a peak. Till next time keep you Bat Shark Repellant handy in your baggies or bikini bottoms, and remember to SURF SAFE!

Jimbo The Cart Boy

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo The Cart Boy

Someone's thinking GREEN with this clever use of an old cart! Nothing beats the outdoor flavor of cooking over an open fire, especially with a shopping cart!

Jimbo The Cart Boy

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Channel Surfing
with Jimbo The Cart Boy

Obviously February is full of holidays like Super Bowl Day and Valentine’s Day. Yep, they got holidays o-plenty for just about everything and anything in the month of February. Must be because people are bored out of their skulls and are cooped up in the house with nothing to do but invent more holidays to celebrate!

Well, I was not only shocked but thrilled silly to discover that February is also…

Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month!!!

Nothing is sadder than seeing a stray shopping cart all by itself in a vast empty parking lot. Alone. Abandoned. Forgotten. It’s just plain cruel!

But leave it to some genius, a true hero (obviously a cart boy) to come up with such a spirited celebration. Just look at my lot and you’ll see the true spirit of shopping carts in all its glory.

Empty cart corals outside...

And shopping carts neatly nestled together in a nice warm storage area...
Join in the celebration of Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month.
Check this link below to see how you too can do your part.

Just remember, as fun as returning shopping carts can be, there are plenty of other wonderful things to celebrate this month. Here’s a few of my other favorite February Holidays you might also enjoy:


International Friendship Month
Make friends all around the world!

National Snack Food Month
Yummy! This is how those New Year’s diet resolutions get ended so quickly

Responsible Pet Owners' Month
Make sure you feed them, water them, and love them!


February 7th - Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday
Don’t laugh! I actually liked watching Little House on the Prairie

February 8th - Clean Out Your Computer Day
Sorry I missed this one!

February 13th - Get a Different Name Day
Also known as Identity Crisis Day

February 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day
I think this should be an ever day holiday!

February 21st - Love your Pet Day
Give your pet a big sloppy lick on the nose!

February 22nd - World Thinking Day
Think of something really, really good! Like Ice Cream

February 27th - No-Brainer Day
I can defiantly handle this one!

February 28th - Public Sleeping Day
Can sex in public be considered “public sleeping”???

February 29th - Leap Day
Better known as Leap Year, only occurs once every 4 years
Sorry you’ll have to wait till 2012 for the next one

To see EVEN MORE February Holidays, check out this link…

So get out there, enjoy February, and as always, SURF SAFE!

Jimbo The Cart Boy